Aviation & Marine Art  and  Design



Carlos Adrián Garcia was born in Buenos Aires, on November 20, 1960.
He developed a deep interest about aviation and painting since his childhood, so he basically worked almost his entire life in this subject that passionate him so much.
In 1984, Carlos takes a job as an illustrator at Aerospacio magazine, a publication of the Argentine Air Force. At that moment, his professional career began, leading him by those years to illustrate the Malvinas War Encyclopedia, both Spanish and English editions. At that time he also started college pursuing an Aeronautical Engineering Degree, but he abandoned this project later in order to work completely as an illustrator.
So in 1993 Carlos obtains his degree as a Graphic Designer, and also in that year, Massey Ferguson commissions him the drawings for their sales catalog.
In 1994 he founded his own publishing company, which published “Alas de América y del Mundo (Wings of America and the World), an extensively documented aviation magazine. Also in that year he designs the paint scheme currently used by the helicopters of the Argentine Federal Police (Policía Federal Argentina). By the end of 1996, he dissolves his company and starts working for Aerolíneas Argentinas to reproduce all the aircrafts operated during the airline history.

As a curious remark, Carlos never studied drawing or painting, so his bright career is based on his natural born skills to draw and paint, and his constant dedication to improve his techniques by reading related material and practice. 

Although already Carlos worked since 1986 as free lance illustrator for Aerolineas Argentinas, in 1997 the company commissioned to paint artworks showing the airline history painting the most important airplanes flown Aerolíneas. 
In 1998 he got a contract with MC Congresos y Exposiciones to develop the corporate image of the most important event dedicated to aviation in Argentina: The Aviation Show South America (ASSA) ’99. By mid 2000, he qualified as the first Artist Member from South America at the American Society of Aviation Artist.

That very same year he agreed a contract with Pegasus Aviation Inc, today Sky Leasing, (USA) to paint on canvas a series of commercial aircraft from different  airlines across the World, which were given as institutional presents to CEO’s, banking officials and VIP members of the commercial aviation community. Also by that time, Correo Argentino (the Argentine official mail service) commissions him the illustration of a series of commemorative stamps for the 100th anniversary of the birth of Antoine Saint Exupery (aviator and author of The Little Prince).
Between the end of year 2000 and the early days of 2001, Consultair commissions him posters for the 50thanniversary of Aerolíneas Argentinas and the History Argentine Commercial Aviation, both developed on digital illustration.
Following that year, the AIRPAC Museum of the United Status Navy commissions him two paintings, one related to Top Gun, and the second one, with the Vietnam Ace Rundy “Duke” Cunningham as subject, who then became a member of the US Congress as a Senator.
Also in 2001, the Argentine Army designates him as its Official Artist, placing his works at almost every Army unit. Goodyear Argentina commissions him a poster for the Uruguayan Air Force and Helicópteros Marinos orders a painting to be presented to the TOTAL Oil Company.
In 2002, the Argentine Air Force commissions him the illustration of all the Air Force aircraft that participated in the Malvinas War, in order to include them in their institutional web site. He also wins the bid for designing the corporate image of Aerovip, a commuter airline that worked as a subsidiary of Aerolíneas Argentinas for several years.
By 2004 Helicópteros Marinos commissions him the company 25th anniversary calendar.

In 2009 he began studying for Industrial Designer at the University of Buenos Aires with the aim of completing another part of his professional life that he did without having studied at the university. He worked several years in the industry. Because of this, he was promoted as assistant professor in one of the final subjects of said career.
Since then until nowadays, Carlos bases his activity on working on request for private companies, private collectors, airlines and official institutions worldwide.

On December 10, 2020, Carlos obtains his Private Pilot License