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How to order a Painting

There are many ways to commission a painting. You can contact the artist and explain your idea. According to the level of participation you want you can suggest an idea and develop it together or let it interpret your idea. Whichever way you choose, for him it would always be better if you also share some additional information (pictures, diaries, logbooks, etc.) so that he fully understands what you want painted.

A formal path is to follow these steps:

1. Sketches – They may consist of simple or more detailed drawings as required

2. Painting – Final Product

The time of realization depends on the size of the painting, the level of details or the complexity of it, but generally the time of completion is around one month.

Keep in mind that art is an interpretive activity. Observe the paintings exhibited on this site to familiarize yourself with the art style that Carlos A. Garcia pruduce. Once the artist has begun in his painting, there he does not turn back. Unlike a photograph, the paintings are supposed to capture the climate and a certain scene in a way totally different from that captured by a camera. Enjoy as a well-consulted artist as is Carlos A. Garcia with a growing interest in the history of this era, will give you a painting that will remain a treasure in your company or in your family for decades!

You can consult other companies about the seriousness and responsibility of the artist asking for references directly to them.

Posters are printed on 240 gr. paper on a Standard format of 16.93 in. x 12.6 in.

Please contact us for payment and shipping details.

Payment can be made via Western Union, bank transfer.